Wednesday, November 15, 2006

about my life

of course you don't know this feeling, when you keep doing some thing that you don't ike for along time, may be for years, and you don't have the choice to do any thing else.

imagine that you spent seven years of studying and learning about one thing, supposed to be your carrier, and having extra studies to support you, also having various training in the same field, and all that because it was your reasonable choice, because you couldn't choose the thing you like to do for the rest of your life.

it's a whole seven years of forcing your self to accept the accomplished fact, whole seven years of wasting your time in doing some thing you know that you will never like it even if you successes on it as a carrier. whole seven years of preventing your self of learning more about some thing you like, some thing in your blood, some thing you breathe.

can you imagine it now? i don't think that you will never understand these feelings unless you try it, unless you feel it, of course i don't like you to do so, it's some thing like being lost, confused, not satisfied, generally unhappy and always depressed or it's it's a compilation of all those things.

when you think about that and you look behind for all those years you waste, can you compensate it? can you start it all over again? and a thousand questions like that flashes in your mind.

but the most important question in my hamble opinion who's the one that has the carriage to throw away seven years of studying, learning, hard working and starts it all overagain? who dears?

at the current time i can't say i have, maybe one day i will.

but if you could say it now don't hesitate, do it now and don't make your wasted time seven years and a day, a month or another year or what ever.